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Wednesday, May 24

The colour brown...

is now trademarked.

Sunday, April 30


I will no longer update this blog and instead will be updating my links blog on orangefever. I'll keep the page up since it doesn't cost anything and maybe the other authors will use it.

Friday, April 28

Coffee Ad Hack

Tuesday, April 25

The Book Market

An indepth look at what happens when a book is written and published, that is how much it costs to produce and market a book. It's a lot like other media industries.

Friday, April 21

Shutting Out Critics

The Christian Science Monitor talks about the changing business model of the movie industry such as shortening the time between theatrical release and DVD release, as well as shutting out the critics.

Monday, April 17

Character Behaviour through Waiters

CEOs say that a measure of a person can be discovered by seeing how they interact with waiters; although there is only usually a bad side.

Sunday, April 16

TV Warez Stats

Market share of TV-release groups on the net, you know those groups that capture TV on their computers, encode it, and then put them on Bit Torrent? I wish they would also take into account the number of downloads for each release to see if the big ones are the most popular.

Saturday, April 15

Tokyo as Gotham

Photos of Tokyo processed with a technique called High Dynamic Range Imaging which produce a very surreal look of the city.

Thursday, April 13

Blogger Hacks

This page has a list of links to hacks for Blogger to make it more like other blogging software.

Friday, April 7

Payola in "Journalism"

VoIP Being Blocked

ISP providers are cracking down on VoIP traffic, especially in countries where there is only a single telephone operator. The article goes on to talk about Skype and its unexpected use of bandwidth when one becomes a supernode.

On Patrol with the Minutemen

Slate sends a reporter to shadow the Minutemen, a civil defense group hoping to secure the border (both Mexican and Canadian) against illegal immigrant crossings.

Steve Jobs Presentation Skills

Business Week has a couple of things that make a Jobs presentation better than other presentations.

Rapper For Live

Slate takes a look at the history of a rapper named Ladies Love Cool James, better known as LL Cool J. He's pretty much the Gordie Howe of Rap.

Tuesday, April 4

Going Below Sea Level

California is sliding into the Pacific Ocean, or at least part of scenic Highway 1 is. It's only a matter of time...

Gates at Work

What is Bill Gates' work environment and how does he deal with his email and disseminating information? Well he uses the Microsoft tools obviously.

Monday, April 3

The Fall of the Arcade

This article looks at the falling popularity of the arcade in recent years and how it may change in the coming years.

Thursday, March 30

Top Skylines Of The World

The top 15 skylines of the world (+2 honorable mentions) with all the usual suspects and Toronto coming in the middle of the pack (hey at least we were on it)

Wednesday, March 29

Dressing in Drag

A women in New York pretends to be a man for a year and half to give the male perspective on life and dating from a women's point of view.